What to Expect

When you arrive at Faces of Hope Victim Center, you will be met by a Victim Service Advocate in the waiting area. The Advocate will take you to a secure and comfortable room that is designated for victim intakes. The Advocate will then talk through the Center’s personalized intake form.  Our Intake collects demographic information and assesses your immediate needs, so that our Advocates can better provide the appropriate resources and referrals to our partnering agencies, if needed. This information is confidential and will not be shared without your consent, or a valid court order.
Our goal is to meet you where you are in your journey. Our Center’s co-located and collaborative partnerships allow us to offer immediate wrap-around services and support to help navigate you through your trauma. Once the intake form and assessment is complete, the Advocate will liaise with our partners in the building to provide the medical, legal, safety, and education services that you have requested. We provide resources to victims of domestic violence, sexual violence, child abuse, elder abuse, stalking, or strangulation. Offenders are not offered services or resources through our Center, and they are not allowed onsite, for the safety of clients and staff. Dependent on your individual needs, your first visit to our Center may be anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours as you meet with our specialized medical, legal, and social teams. You may want to return for follow up appointments, depending on your individual situation.
Meeting your immediate needs is our number one priority. At the end of your visit, the Advocate will ask you to fill out an exit survey to assess whether your needs were met, to make sure follow up appointments have been scheduled for you, and to gauge how you are feeling at time of exiting versus at the time of entering the Center. You may also provide feedback via email to hello@facesofhopefoundation.org.